Mentorship & Consultation Program 

Reasons to take part in the Mentorship & Consultation Program

  • Strengthen connection to AUCCCO members
  • Peer support around outreach administrative role
  • Increase creative brain storming opportunities and
  • Collaborative relationship which includes sharing of resources with others in similar positions throughout the academic year
  • Boost personal and professional inspiration
  • Increase advocacy for outreach professionals in our field
  • Experience diversity in perspectives and experience within outreach administration
  • Reduce your outreach burn out and maintain your passion for outreach
  • Invitation to match connection time during our annual AUCCCO Conference

Interested? Here’s how it works:

Sign up via this website between June 10-July 10 each year OR sign up in person at our annual AUCCCO Conference each June

  • Once you’ve completed the application, know that you will be matched based on multiple criteria such as years in the role, size of school, professional development stage, and/or areas of interest.
  • You may find yourself sometimes in a mentor, mentee, or consultation relationship and this shifting throughout the process as all of us come into this experience with various areas of strengths and areas of growth. There is not one mentor or mentee designation!
  • You will receive an email with your match’s name and contact information before August 1st.
  • Please commit to at least one phone or Skype call per semester and communicate via email throughout the academic year as needed!

Hear what others have been saying about the experience:

“The match was amazingly perfect! It was great to get a new perspective of someone who isn’t at my institution but understand the university dynamics.”

“I have enjoyed the opportunity to talk with someone who has already been doing outreach for several years. I have learned so much, gotten great perspective, and felt very supported. I am very happy with the mentor I got matched with!”

“While I have much experience in the outreach world, I feel inspired by the passion, ideas and vision of my matches. They keep me motivated to challenge myself and think outside of the box!”


Contact the Mentorship and Consultations Subcommittee:

Kim Martin, LCSW, University of Miami

Kelly Greco, Psy.D. – University of Southern California
Magali Laitem, Psy.D. – James Madison University

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