2018 AUCCCO Conference

60 Minute Presentation-1

Get Off Uranus and Meditate!

Natalie Deering, M.S. - Eastern Kentucky University

60 Minute Presentation-2

Build it and they will come: Creating an outreach committee and formal partnerships on campus

Christine Strasser, PsyD - Virginia Commonwealth University

60 Minute Presentation-3

Outgrowing the Compliance Mindset: A Practical Introduction to Better Counseling Center Program Evaluation

Michael J. Balsan, M.A.

60 Minute Presentation-4

Creating a Culture of Outreach

Meag-gan Ann O'Reilly, Ph.D. - Stanford University

Additional Presenters:

Inge Hansen Psy.D. - Stanford University

Riley Cropper Ph.D, - Stanford University

60 Minute Presentation-5

Creating Successful Outreach Programs for Community College Counseling Centers

Johanna Torres, M.S. - Del Mar College 

60 Minute Presentation-6

A Resilient Community: Do students use the skills they learn in drop-in psycho-educational workshops?

Harry Warner, M.A. - The Ohio State University

Additional Presenters:

Sadi Fox, Ph.D. - The Ohio State University

Chiaothong Yong, Psy.D. - The Ohio State University

Ryan Patel, D.O., FAPA - The Ohio State University

Alice Chi, Ph.D. - The Ohio State University

60 Minute Presentation-7

#SnapHappy: Using Social Media to Achieve Mental Health Outreach Goals

Melissa Selby-Theut, MSW - Grand Valley State University

Additional Presenters:

Kerry Beduna, MA - Grand Valley State University

Kelsey Martin, BS - Grand Valley State University

60 Minute Presentation-8

Creating a culture of resilience through collaboration with First Year Experience Program

April L. Coleman, MA - University of Alabama at Birmingham

60 Minute Presentation-9

When Caring is Complicated: Exploring the Strengths and Challenges of Universal Design

Christy Hutton, Ph.D. - University of Missouri

Additional Presenters:

Batsirai Bvunzawabaya, Ph.D. - University of Pennsylvania

60 Minute Presentation-10

Creating a Community of Care Through LGBTQ Peer Mentoring

Nicole Saltzburg, Ph.D. - Florida Atlantic University

Additional Presenters:

Whitney Hagen, Ph.D. - Florida Atlantic University

60 Minute Presentation-11

Step Outside of the Box: Recommendations for Culturally Diverse Outreach Programming

Rashanta A. Bledman, Ph.D. - University of Maryland

Additional Presenters:

Aisha J. Evans, Psy.D. - Florida State University

60 Minute Presentation-12

Creating a Healthy State: Effective Sustainable Integrative Health Outreach Collaborations within the Division of Student Affairs in a Multi Campus College Setting

Jeana Griffith, Ph.D. - Georgia State University

60 Minute Presentation-13

Managing your Career while Nurturing your Family: #TheStruggleIsReal!

Kimberly Martin, MSW, LCSW - University of Miami

Additional Presenters:

Teresa Michaelson-Chmelir, Ph.D., LMHC - University of Central Florida

Erica Lennon, Psy.D. - University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Tom Golighlty, Ph.D. - Brigham Young University

60 Minute Presentation-14

Three Methods of Peer-to-Peer Outreach: Improving Mental Health on College Campuses

Mary Donaldson - University of Oregon

Allison Dona - University of Oregon

Kyra Ortega-Schwartz - University of Oregon

60 Minute Presentation-15

From Networks to Communities: Shifting Social Media for College Students

Daniel Ypsilanti, MFA - University of Florida

60 Minute Presentation-16

Caring Leadership: A Philosophy of Allyship between a Clinical Director & Outreach Director

Deidre Ann Weathersby, Ph.D. - University of Illinois

Additional Presenters:

Bill Roberts, Ph.D. - University of Illinois

60 Minute Presentation-17

Collaborating for a Community of Care: Lessons Learned from Well-being Partnerships

Megan Marks, PhD - University of Kentucky

Additional Presenters:

Erica Weathers, LICSW - Mount Holyoke College

Teresa Michaelson, PhD - University of Central Florida

Denisha Champion, Ph.D. - Wake Forest University

60 Minute Presentation-18

What Now? : Engaging with the student community in the complexity of the #MeToo Movement

Soumya Madabhushi, PhD - University of Pennsylvania

Additional Presenters:

Sanjana Bijlani, LCSW - University of Pennsylvania

60 Minute Presentation-19

Soft Skills of Relationship Building: Training a New Generation of Outreachers

Soumya Madabhushi, PhD - University of Pennsylvania

Additional Presenters:

Kristin Bertsch, PhD - University of Pennsylvania

 Alaina Spiegel, PsyD - University of Pennsylvania

Ben Ototivo, PhD - University of Pennsylvania

90 Minute Presentation-20

Building a Let’s Talk Program: The Nuts and Bolts

Sudha Wadhwani, PsyD - Montclair State University

Additional Presenters:

Erica Weathers, LICSW - Mount Holyoke College

Megan M. Marks, PhD - University of Kentucky

Jude Uy, PhD - Montclair State University

90 Minute Presentation-21

Working to Get Woke: White-Ally Development in Racial Justice Work on a College Campus

Erica Lennon, Psy.D. - University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Additional Presenters:

Monika Gutkowska, Psy.D. - Northwestern University

Rachael Forester, M.S.Ed. - University of North Carolina at Charlotte

90 Minute Presentation-22

LOL: Laughing it up in Outreach Land

Jamye Banks, PhD - University of Michigan

Additional Presenters:

Christine Asidao, PhD - University of Michigan

Edward Huebner, LMSW - University of Michigan

Patricia O'Malley, PsyD - University of Michigan

90 Minute Presentation-23

Connecting Across Cultures: Outreach, Allyship, and International Students

Shraddha Niphadkar, Ph.D. - University of Missouri Counseling Center

Additional Presenters:

Minji Yang, Ph.D. - San Jose State University

Lilian Odera, Ph.D. - Towson University

Sudha M. Wadhwani, Psy.D. - Montclair State University


Lego of Stress: Mindful Lego Building as a Grounding Technique

Alyna Ohanian Huennekens, M.A. - UT Dallas Student Counseling Center; University of South Alabama


Stress Less for Success Fair: Self-Care in the Center of Campus

Alexandria Gerrick, PsyD - San Jose State University

Additional Presenters:

Jimma Cortes-Smith, MA - San Jose State University


Peer Education - Led by Grads, Mentored by Pros

Bessie Nolan - University of Denver

Additional Presenters:

Eva Esakoff - University of Denver


AUCCCO Annual Report 2017-2018 (3rd year)

Teresa Michaelson-Chmelir, PhD - University of Central Florida


#LoveOneAnother: Diversity and Unity in a Religious Student Community

Erin Kaseda, BS - Brigham Young University


Engaging Cultural Centers in Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Outreach and Prevention Efforts

Tekita Bankhead, RN, BSN, MS - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


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